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We study microbial ecophysiology and community dynamics in natural and engineered ecosystems with particular interests in bioprocesses treating waste/wastewater. As the performance of a bioprocess fully depends on the concerted activity of microorganisms involved, it is important how to link changes in process performance to changes in microbial community structure. Such approaches will provide comprehensive microbial insights into the systems of interest and finally give the clue for fundamental and substantial enhancement of bioprocess performance. Given the ever increasing demand for alternative energy sources and environmental protection, ABLE particularly focuses on "waste-to-energy" biotechnologies producing clean energy and stabilizing pollution load simultaneously. We are also interested in nutrient removal/recovery, biofilm formation, sludge management, toxic compounds treatment, etc. ABLE’s research even extends to the development of new tools for investigating environmental microbial communities and their applications to environmental monitoring.

Highly motivated and team-oriented individuals are encouraged to contact for possible graduate student openings.

83. Kim D, Choi H, Lee C* (2020) Pretreatment of spent coffee grounds with alkaline soju bottle-washing wastewater for enhanced biomethanation. Biomass Convers. Biorefin. 1-6.

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지도교수: 이창수

∙ Address: (44919)울산광역시 울주군 언양읍 유니스트길 50

                             울산과학기술원 응용환경생명공학연구실

∙ TEL: 052-217-2822

∙ E-mail:  cslee@unist.ac.kr



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